Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 23, 2007

our little mechanical dog, our sweet little jack, our drama queen extraordinaire, passed peacefully today. she had her final drama moment when the vet inserted the pre-med needle. typical jack shrieked and carried on. but she quickly relaxed and fell asleep and passed quietly, snoring away.

i was reminded of my utter relief in discovering the claming effects of timbits being stuffed down her throat during her grooming sessions with sam. i remember her crashing with her pre-op work just before her cancelled surgery, and knowing that jack the drama queen won the day over the vet, she never returned until today. i remember just last month discovering that towels lining the sink after her bath stopped the screaming and transported her into happy rolling land. i remember picking up her screaming, flailing body at the pound and suddenly a mere half hour later jack rubbing in happy, happy la-la land upon my bed.

i remember thinking she was a boy and then refusing to change her name when she turned out to be a girl instead. she was jack the moment i met her and she stayed jack forever for me. i can still see her mechanical, stiff legged bouncing on the other side of the wire door whenever she caught someone in the kitchen. the first few times, she banged her nose on the wire but quickly she learned to backward bounce so her nose didn't get bumped. and i remember seeing her standing there with her nose pushed right thru and resting on the wire, contemplating if someone was in the kitchen at that moment or not.

all of us loved you jack. you became our sweet little girl. i am so happy that your life meant so much to so many.



Oh Jackie, little Diva Princess......SAINTS will not be the same place without you. Please watch out for the other SAINTS who left before you, and wait for those who will come after. You'll be missed, little Mechanical Dog, you'll be missed a lot.


Gosh , I sorta half expected it may be her time..I have a lump in my throat thinking I won't see Jack on Saturday.. I'm very glad I held her close on Sunday & told her she was special .

Jack, we'll miss you for a long, long time. Hugs to you Carol, who, like a soldier... picks up her hearting heart , ignores the complicated ouch in her head and marches on....and I mean that in the best best way .


Run free, Jack. You were one of the first dogs I bathed at Saints and I remember your dramatic screaming brought even the woo-woo-woodling Copper to a silent standstill. Your mechanical dog routine never failed to make me laugh. And your three day sleeps must be a world record. You were a great dog, Jack, and I'm so glad Saints was able to give you a safe haven for the last part of your life.
My condolences, Carol, I know how very much Jack meant to you.


Rest in Peace little girl. How lucky were you to end your journey at Saints. Sadly your friends say goodbye, but you will not be forgotten. I'm so sorry Carol.

Chris T

I am sorry to hear this Carol. She had a good last couple of months with you and the SAINTS. Take care.