Rescue Journal

bill sends telepathic messages

Carol  ·  May 24, 2007

and he personally delivers them all freaking night long.

"i feel better, where's my futon?"

"hey carol, is my futon in here?'

"hello??? i can't find my futon."

"i would like my futon please!"

all accompanied by his grinning happy panting face.

he had so much re-hab in walking around last night that he is almost fully recovered. but he stays in the kitchen until saturday when i am around to keep a closer eye on him.

sorry bill, the futon can wait.


Chris T

Yah Bill!!! YOu are only 17 after all!! You have many years to go as SAINTS ambassador!


I'm glad Mr. Bill seems to have rallied and is doing better this morning. He is such a wonderful charactor. Keep up the good work Bill and the futon will soon be yours.
P.S Maybe if you're a really good boy Carol will move the futon into the kitchen for you. Wouldn't that be fun!