Rescue Journal

i have THE best-est sheep/llama herding dogs in the world!!!

Carol  ·  May 24, 2007

i forgot to close the back door of the barn when i let the barn guys in. carl and kissy and annie and grammy bolted straight thru the barn and out into our nicely growing field.

hmmm, that was bright. i tried to entice them with grain but they said "no way". i tried asking nicely and then not so nicely but they just kept eating the grass that i like to watch grow. i went and got all the dogs and let them all into the field and those grass stealing herbivores ran straight into the barn!

ahh! i AM smarter than ruminates!

thx nicole and your dad for the water tank!!! water shortage this summer. the dogs were so happy to see nicole on a thursday night but they didn't quite get why she didn't stay to play.

bill looks GOOD tonight. he came out for the sheep herding trials and everything!



the best part was the dogs moved them into the barn by their mere presence alone...those sheep knew they were in the company of true masters, even if said masters were just milling around looking for some poop to eat.


WHAT they made it in there & I wasn't there to see !!! I bet they loved it while they had the chance... now they'll really be hanging out looking over the fence.... Way to go SAINTS herding dogs !