Rescue Journal

Super Tom

Carol  ·  May 24, 2007

faster than a speeding bullet.

able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

ok, not quite, but close enough.

he is asleep on the couch, i pop a can of food for nudge and that freaking 18 year old daxi was on his feet, jumped across onto the coffee table, dove off the other side and slid to a stop right at my feet in 3 seconds or less.

it was the absolutely funniest thing i have ever seen and i have seen alot of funny things.

god i love that dog, he is such a pig.



Every daxie I've ever known are all food hounds, including the three daxies I've had. They would always know when you were opening something even if you were upstairs with the door shut.


Lol... can we get him a little pair of tights & a cape with with a captital T on it... can't you just picture him toddling along on a walk to the lower pasture in that get-up....