Rescue Journal

medical updates

Carol  ·  May 26, 2007

trish and caro saw the vet today. trish is palliative, the mammary tumours have invaded the lymph nodes. she is on pain control only for as long as it is effective. caro has testicular tumours, but they are well encapsulated and do not extend into the rectum. neutering may halt the disease. he is booked for neuter and a massive dental clean up for monday.

the three little icky pitties are all running temps. we have increased their antibiotics to three times daily and i have put them on a low dose of metacam to bring their temps down and make them more comfortable. one of them has pancake batter diarrhea and all three of them don't have a clue to walk around the puddlely plops. OMG could i just wash that floor and change all the blankets one more time today??!! what is with dough headed pitties who don't watch where they walk?? and they are also really helpful in the clean up department cuz all freaking three of them just have to be under you, over you, next to you and knocking you over while you are trying to clean stuff up. i don't know why they just can't quietly watch from the couch.

chicky poo goes in for her spay on monday with caro, oh yay a whole day without her starting a rumble with the cats!

i have decided that i suffer from chronic fatigue...not the disease based one but the one that you get from rescue, the too much freaking work kind.



I think you should be posting the info regarding the Pittie babies progress on Brindle...really because everyone on there knows about these babies and I think they should be walking the walk and talking the walk with you to know what it is like. You are doing such an awesome thing but we don't want it to vanish because you are now "taking are of them"...let as many as us know that this isn't a cake is a gift...


Well that really sucks for poor old Trisha and for Caro too. I was hoping she would have a little more time to enjoy the angels of Saints.