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The Association of Sanctuaries - Code of Ethics

Chris  ·  May 27, 2007

Code of Ethics

The Association of Sanctuaries (TAOS) is guided by a core commitment to the intrinsic value of all life and the need and right of both human and nonhuman animals to the basic necessities for living in ways characteristic of their species. Decisions made by TAOS and its accredited member sanctuaries shall be based on this commitment and on what is best for animals, individually and collectively, in a given situation. The following are the outlines of our ethical obligations, and TAOS members agree to be bound by them and by their spirit.

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Responsibility Toward Animals


To combine forces in cooperative efforts to rescue and place animals in the best possible environment for the individual animal.

Organizational Responsibilities


To conduct fundraising with honesty and integrity and to avoid sensationalistic and manipulative funding appeals.

Responsibilities to Sanctuary Field & Other Social Change Agents


To treat other organizations with appropriate respect and share skills and knowledge that benefit animals.

Responsibilities to Society


To promote awareness, empathy, and active concern for all life through education and advocacy insofar as sanctuary resources permit.



this is just a highlight of the code. if you click on the link, there is more.