Rescue Journal

bonnie got THE perfect home

Carol  ·  May 28, 2007

and could those freaking icky pitties cause even more political backlash. i was in a bad mood this morning, and then the hugabull people came bearing gifts, followed by bonnie's new mom and sister, and my mood dramatically improved. a couple of emails later and i was once again not a happy camper. then, kathy sent me a hilarious video (i forwarded it on to you mo!) and once again i am fairly happy.

whew, i have to get off this moody roller coaster and go and clean the barn.

chicky did well with her surgeries today, we will wait for the pathology to come back on the mass they biopsied. she can be picked up tonight so i will go and get her in a couple of hours.

in the mean time i am not answering the phone or reading any emails lest i get mad once again.

caro got bumped to thursday for his surgical tune up cuz i am a moron and forgot his appointment today.



bonnie pretends she likes to be way out in front and that she is very independent and brave but she sneak peeks over her shoulder to make sure you are still there.
thx for letting us know you saw her dana, and she is all outfitted, geez it is a very small world!


I met Bonnie and her new mom! They came in to Woofgang on Tuesday and bought her a bunch of stuff and of course treats and a toy :)

Bonnie's mom was having trouble with her pulling so she's got a leash that'll be easier on her hands, and a harness that'll be easier on both her and Bonnie.

It looks like a great match!


it is a great home works from home and her last daxi was her constant companion, he just passed away at 16 yrs of age. she loves bonnie's ears!


I am so pleased for wee Bonnie!! That was great news to come home to. I'm sure she will miss you guys though. Once again, Derek and I can't thank you enough for helping her, she wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. I'm sure her late owner is smiling from above.

Bonnie may have moved on, but I'm totally addicted to your blog and will continue to read it everyday. So glad Bill is ok :)