Rescue Journal

it was a good evening except.....

Carol  ·  May 29, 2007

the good parts were that the barn animals all went to bed nicely and no one tried to damage me.

the pitties had a blast in the is definately the most well grounded one. they all took off but george came back after a few minutes to walk with me. i didn't see jolie and brie again until i whistled and then i got mobbed. george is learning to keep her feet on the ground, the other two are hopeless.

the saints dogs had a good run too and then we sat in the field doing nothing much for about a half an hour. we all like that alot.

the not so good thing is...i am thoroughly grossed out. i was reading the emails and tom was at my feet, licking my ankles as usual. after a few moments there seemed to be an odd kind of rythym there so i glanced down at him to check it out. while he was licking away at my feet like he likes to that pervert caro was busy humping him.....i feel used. serves me right for missing that appointment i suppose, but geez louise i already was regretting it enough.

would people please spay and neuter their freaking pets!!!!!



hey sharla...bonnie got a some new stuffies yesterday...her new mom brought them home for her and she killed them within an hour...deborah "LOVES" her, capital letters and everything....she has settled right in.


OMG Carol that just is not right! Totally gross for you, and isn't Tom a little old for that?? Poor thing could have a heart attack!

When and if you ever write that book, that is a great example of the need to spay. EW.