Rescue Journal


Chris  ·  May 29, 2007

As you are all aware, Carol is back to working full time now. With her away from SAINTS 8 hrs a day, there is a huge hole to fill in caring for the shelter. SAINTS urgently needs volunteers to help clean and care for the animals during weekdays. If you can spare any time at all, even if it’s just an hour, to help with the cleaning, it would take a huge burden off Carol’s shoulders when she gets home from work. Some days Carol works longer hours and having to come home to a few more hours cleaning as well as laundry, is exhausting for her. What about your family or friends? Are they able to spare an hour here or there to help with cleaning? Please, if you, or anyone you know, can help out, it would be very much appreciated by Carol as well as the animals. Please contact Kathy at 604-312-1960 and leave your name and number if you have any questions or you can help.


Chris T

I was pasting Kathy's word doc in as I was in a hurry and it went really small. I saw how small it was and immediately thought of you and corrected it!!!


yeah!...and chris what's with the font?...i can barely read that i freaking need help.
and you should add a disclaimer that i am not always in a bad mood and usually am quite nice cuz after my last post, everyone will be afraid to come near me.