Rescue Journal

the farmer in the dell....

Carol  ·  Jun. 3, 2007

i came home from work, did a few chores and just finished lime-ing and fertilizing the upper field. i am pretty sure i might be dead and just too dense to know it. i came back in, sat down, checked my email and laughed out loud. there was a picture of bonnie in her new home waiting for me.

i would like to know how come she is lounging on a big thick cushion on a deck overlooking a lake with a big grin on her face and i am freaking well killing myself trying to make our freaking pasture grow!!!

life is sooo unfair, i think i want her life now!



No wonder my legs look like they do... no skirts for me for a while... insert large rolling eyes here, cuz I wear skirts sooo often. Wish I was off work today & out at SAINTS !!!!!


Yea for Bonnie, I can't wait to see the picture ! Good on you for getting the field done Carol... one thing I learned on the week-end ( that I used to know & forgot ) do not.. I repeat DO NOT , help unload 25 bales of hay wearing shorts !!!

Oh Yea i forgot to tell you the hay guy delivered hay 10 minutes after Greg left to go buy some... so we have lots of Hay... let the flooding commence... NOT !!!


oooooo can I see the pic?? Carol you must have good batteries, you just keep on going. I'd love a third of your "get up and go"! I hope you get some time for yourself.. maybe a day away somewhere nice to recharge if that's possible?


nah carol. you would get there and relax for about a minute, then go out and see which animals you could rescue and where you could put them. lol.