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my funny for the day.... so far.....

Carol  ·  Jun. 4, 2007

sissy is circling around and in the poop position, right in front of the coffee table. i was busy when i looked over so i just conversationally said...."way to go sissy, why don't you try pooping outside for a change"...she looked at the open cat run door and said "oh, ok" and trotted out there to poop.

she is such a good dog AND she understands english too!

nicole??? why does it say comments off on this one???


Chris T

Thank you Nicole for dealing with the spam. We have been getting about 1000 a day and I am away so I could not clear them!


I was thinking I am so glad it is someone I know but we sold all the tickets to people i know lol


Yippee .... Hmmmm I think the bench & chair set would look great on that 5 acres in Mission I've been watching for the last 10 months.... Hmmmmmmmm.

Whooo Hooo off to buy some lottery tickets... if I's bench sets for everybody : - )


Awww shoot, Janice - and I was thinking how nice it would look on the hill at the back of my pasture, envisioning myself sitting there with a cold beer watching my dogs romp in the fields......LOL
Lucky Mo!


way to go nicole! you go get those spammers girl!!! (i saw there were like 2000 of them yesterday, holy smoke!)


it says comments off, because i was trying to install stuff to stop the thousands of spam comments we are getting, but everything this should be working now and hopefully we will only get valid comments now.
if anyone has problems posting comments please let me know.