Rescue Journal

the ancient ones and the babe

Carol  ·  Jun. 5, 2007

i was getting all sappy this morning this morning because all of my most favorite saints are becoming so freaking ancient. bill, michael, tom, sweet pea, hook(ok not a saint but freaking old!) ogidie, julie, dexter, ah the list goes on and on. even my very own dogs, tyra and tally, are starting to get quite old.

and then there is jolie, who i am really starting to love, thundering around in the kitchen, playing with herself. she needs a young, thundering friend. i was thinking that she is so sweet and fits in here so well that maybe she could just stay here til Hugabull finds her the perfect home. but....sometimes it takes a long time of weeding out the not right homes before you find the one that fits. jolie needs a block-headed friend to tumble with til that perfect home is found.

as much as i worship the seniors, and am in awe of how well they live each day. i sometimes miss the moronic joyfulness of the young ones. percy and ellie help me with that a bit, but they don't quite have the idiot staying power of a very young dog.

no diarrhea in the kitchen this morning. jolie is now holding her bowels...time for her to move on to more appropriate foster placement, but gawd, i am going to miss her. if i was able to adopt another dog just for would be jolie.

sigh, i will let HugaBull know she is ready, cuz that is the right thing to do for her. but i do hope they have trouble finding another foster home, then it is not my fault if she has to stay awhile longer!



i will try to make it out again before she leaves. i will miss her too. there isnt anything like a pit running and bouncing around knocking into everything and not seeming to notice.

i am glad you are feeling better sweet girl.


Laffin' and grinnin'. Pitties are an entity, unto themselves.

Watch Jolie Carol, she will speak to you quite clearly, you will hear her. I thought that German Shepherds spoke clearly, but pits are talkers, and thinkers. Very smart dogs. Conversations will follow.......

Lovely lovely breed.....