Rescue Journal

martha steward here...

Carol  ·  Jun. 7, 2007

i cooked dinner AND planted my flowers. i am only on line temporarily til the moniter shorts out again from those bloody spraying fruit loops. i have a new one in a box on the counter but martha doesn't do electronics.

we had a nice run tonight, i was enjoying watching the grass grow and the dogs were enjoying rolling in and snacking on manure. joile found a stick and i wished i had a video camera cuz i thoroughly enjoyed watching her play with that too.

i had some profound thoughts that i wanted to blog today but sadly i have forgotten them. forgotten thoughts are always very good, at least that is how i remember them.

i now have a trio of little dogs who sleep where ever i happen to be. caro has joined sweet pea and tom not only in my bed but also on my couch add my two best buddies hook and monty and that couch is freaking full each evening.

ok this rotten moniter has shorted out three times since i started this post, it is putting me in a bad mood so i am going to stop. martha's do not get angry at machines.



I can so relate! I don't know how many keyboards,mice I have had to replace - only one monitor though and the power cord was chewed! Bless our little furry friends!