Rescue Journal

sooooo...what i learned today....

Carol  ·  Jun. 9, 2007

if you are stupid enough to leave 20 dogs alone in your house for almost 8 hours while you work an afternoon shift, you can expect the following to greet you when you get home.

a flood of waste products decorating your floors and their beds

a bunch of frantic dogs and cats who all want to say hello and have a cuddle and quite a few who want a snack.

a hole the size of a watermelon in the wall of one of the dog rooms (why am i sure it was maude??)

a full voice mailbox that you have no intention of listening to tonight.

and about a dozen loads of laundry.

i should have phoned in sick except sick calls are for when you are going to work and not for when you get home.

this sucks.



Amazing for sure. I'm sure there are lots of new people who would love to help if they knew about it... how to reach them though.. hmm.


2 is only really truly a home for them if they have a family that lives with them 24/7. i am their family, consistently on good days and not so great ones too.
.....and as much as they sometimes drive me nutz, i love them and doubt very much i would ever want not to live with them (except on some days)
there was a reason why i was so desperate to return to work after my broken ankle tho, i just forget what that reason was on some days.

as to some day having enough volunteers...i believe that is another one of my pipe dreams...
there is only a very small handful of us so far, but that handful and what we accomplish is pretty darn amazing i think.


Hi Carol,

I've just been wondering... what made you decide to live with the animals full-time? I can see how that could drive you batty! Was there not enough volunteers to staff a rescue place sufficiently?