Rescue Journal

i am having a beer!

Carol  ·  Jun. 12, 2007

bad day, getting worse by the minute. so far behind that i could cry. screw it, i am drinking one of mo's carona's then i will carry on.

joe is here. he is upset (they always are) and has taken over my computer chair as his safe place. that is fine, i went for the spare one in the garage..well it is gone, where? i don't know so now i am toddering on a wobbly plastic lawn chair so joe can feel as safe as he can. chicky is locked in the cage til she forgets she wants to kill him.

cat room done, one dog room finished. CPR re-cert cancelled cuz i forgot the sheep shearers are coming at 5 pm. the washer AND dryer are screwing up again and i cannot even get the loads in them finished. and i better drink this beer and move my butt big time.

i hate these kind of days!



I can so relate! Sometimes you have to sit down with a cool brew and relax. So you can keep going. I wish I could have hot choclate and Bailyes but chocoate gives me migraines! So Corona is what I have when the going gets tough. Hang in there - and relax. Tomorrow is another day.


i am sipping a baileys and hot chocolate now with tom, my ever happy feeling hobbit on my lap...much better than beer. gosh, 2 alcoholic beverages, not only in the same week but on the same day, i might be losing it.
yay for the grass mo! i bet it feels good to look at it now!


... and perhaps have another Corona ..... Tuddles... Hmmm now who could this be ? I managed to get my grass cut.. Yea for me


he is a lhasa cross and he is coping but not happy.
i am going to freaking kill phoebe if she does not freaking shut the heck up, god could she add any more to the stress around here today??!!! i finally broke down and got meds from the vet for her today, i cannot deal with her agitated anxiety right now! and if i don't kill her, maude or tyra will.
ok finish the barn, clean up the wool, finish the sick cat room and the back area, feed the barn guys and run the dogs, and then i will tell you about Tuddles who arrived this afternoon