Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 12, 2007

was a really lucky dog, at zero to fifteen he managed to have a home. and then boom, his luck changed, his owner didn't have enough time for him any more and so he is left at the pound, re-home, put down, whatever ya gotta do there.

so what does a partially blind, hard of hearing extreme senior poodle with undetermined severe spinal pain, do at the pound? well gee, he screams.

thx to the pound staff, he is here. i went and picked him up this afternoon. he is still upset and looking for a way to go home but at least he is no longer crying.

nice dog, very sweet. ok, i editted this next part out, i will think it but not say it.

welcome tuddles, your name is still tuddles but i will call you tug, cuz that is what you do to me inside.



Thanks, Carol,

Yes, unfortunately, with Milo's own personality issues,it would have to be an old frail little dog. Poor Tug !! I don't think it would be a good placement for him, especally if Milo started growling at him.

Hopefully he will be happy at Siants or that he will find another good forever home.

Sorry that we have to be so specific. I just wish I could be more flexible.

Anyway, we are still here. As we talked about previouslsy, perhaps when little Trish passes away we could give Caro a good final and forever home, and we could help him deal with the loss of his sister.




he is the mid sized model of poodle not the tiny pippa kind. not screaming anymore. not really frail either, he is in decent shape for his age, he has some more good miles to go yet.
nice dog johanna, but maybe bigger and healthier than you were looking for. i will get nicole to post a pic when she is here on thursday.
if not tug, maybe the next one, it seems to be little old dog season for homelessness lately.


Hi Carol,

Poor little guy !! How can people do that? I'm so glad that you were able to take him.

Do you think he would fit in here? If he is really old frail, hopefully Milo will accept him.

How is his screaming? How big is he? Has he calmed down? The poor little dog. He must be so traumatized.

What do you think?