Rescue Journal

today was better.

Carol  ·  Jun. 13, 2007

i took a physical and mental health day. kathy and jesse took over the house, jesse's partner, rollie, came and washed ALL the inside windows,,,nice man!!!, greg took care of the barn, did a HUGE dump run and fixed maudes hole in the wall. eva and tammy took care of the rabbits. i puttered. did some laundry, fed the cats and the little guys, did the meds. i went out for an hour and bought the little dogs rubber made beds so we can finally toss the stinky wicker baskets and got ellie mae a ball she can play with and not blow up. i picked up another bale of straw to fluff up the barn beds for tunie, ellie and percy. i just finished watching "Dream Girls" and will now do the barn and the evening run and a few more loads of laundry, (sigh, not mine, it is taking too long to get the animal stuff thru). the floor was repaired today (now we hope it holds) the appliance repair guy comes out on friday so we will have to struggle thru til then. but today, that is ok.

sometimes you just need to toss in the towel for a few hours and breathe again. back to work tomorrow, i feel refreshed and hopefully this will last for a bit (at least til i start my holidays on the 23rd!)

the new guys are settling in well. not happy yet but coping reasonbably well. i think in a week or so they will feel at home. they just need to learn to love me and then they will be concentrating on me and where i am instead of where they are. it is pretty sad when they have to love to be happy and the one they have to love (cuz there ain't much choice) is me, here in this place. but that is life for them right now. it sucks.

gus arrives tomorrow (the 16 year old depresssed cat). another to worry about til he finds happy. hope he finds it quick.

ahh well, the dogs like their new beds, ellie will for sure like her ball, tyra's ear sutures are finally out so she won't get yelled at any more for taking a sneaky swim, and chicky-poo goes to the vet for her tumour removals tomorrow (her surgery is booked for friday am.) and nicole is taking rocky to the vet to check his weird looking ear canals.

and just in case everyone forgot. the end of may has come and gone. those guinea pigs are in fact fat like i said and not pregnant like eva thought. wahoo, now that is good news!

thank you guys, you are good people!



Glad today was better Carol. Sometimes you just gotta look after yourself!