Rescue Journal

joe had his first field run

Carol  ·  Jun. 14, 2007

and can joe say "omg i had a blast!!!" he is filthy dirty and covered in mud cuz apparently lhasa's are as moronic about schlumping thru the mud in high speed as are pitbulls. we had to do 4 turns around the long grass field just to get him down to dirty instead of mud caked. ahhh but joe is born to be a farm dog. he slid into percy's stall to say hello and then joined the others in eating spritely's grain that she just has to toss out in the aisle.

jolie was running with a six foot pointy stick. and she has to run with one end in her mouth so she has a full six feet to poke out someones eye with. i switched her to a cedar branch that had dead cedar stuff still on the end and she spent a good hour sweeping the field and the gravel barn road with the end. she lost interest when she flew into the loafing shed, threw her branch around and then grabbed a mouthful of sand when she tried to pick it up again. sand is one of the few non edible things according to pitbulls.

tyra finally broke skin on phoebe. she caught her with her tooth on a particularly vicious phoebe flyby. even tho phebes was fully at fault, i might have felt sorry for her had she not snarled at me and very clearly told me she was going to bite me when i tried to clean it up for her, so i told her fine. die from blood poisoning if thats what she wants.

someone should hurry up here and rescue phoebe, she is being abused.

the other utter jerk tonight was swinger. i am so mad at him i could spit (and i think spitting is like the grossest thing in the entire world!) i was making their dinners and ellie was having a fit at the barn door when all of a sudden i heard her scream. greg brought her in right away, and on her shoulder within a mere minute or two is one freaking massive bruise. that prick swinger bit her! his pain is all gone, cuz i made sure of that for him and bam he turns right back into a freaking jerk. i told him if he does it again, i will withhold ALL of his magic feel good meds and he can go right back again to feeling crappy and being nice!

poor ellie, he bit me once too and he really hurts. i gave her an extra apple and told her i was so sorry he such a mean and nasty horse and i would take his meds away if he hurt her again. i figure when he hurts, he is too busy trying to deal with it to think about being mean but when he feels good, he just hurts someone else instead because he can.

not all animals are nice, some are just toads.



And apparently I would have to change the spelling of her name. LOL


Do you think Anti-depressants would help Pheobe?

If I lived closer and didn't have little monsters, I think I would have to take Pheobe home. She sounds like such a character!!!


give jolie a big hug and kiss for me before she goes to her new foster home! i didnt get out to say good bye to her.

i hope ellie and phebes are both feeling better tomorrow.


and i should also state that just because an animal, may or may not have a mental disabilty, does NOT mean that simply because they are an animal, that they are violent or a danger to them selves or others, any more than humans are. there are alot of different types of illness, not too many have ever bothered to study too hard the animal types, easier just to nuke them if they have a problem. phebes actually does have decent bite inhibition and very good warning skills. but there is a very good reason why she is now a permanent sanctuary dog, her reactivity to stress and coping mechanisms put her at risk.


because she is phoebe. and she is not the most mentally healthy dog under the best of circumstances.
dogs can suffer from mental illness just like people can. believe it or not, it is not just their homes, past, or present, nor their training or lack thereof, it is not always about leadership, or any of the other behavioral theories, sometimes it is physically based, they literally were born or acquired a physical imbalance that effects their abilty to manage. could be chemical, could be mechanical, could be from a minor brain injury...who knows, unless you dissect their actual brain. and sometimes, like with any kind of chronic illness, they do better than others. phebes is in a bad spell right now and she herself is making it worse. hence the meds.

Chris T

I am happy to hear about Joe.

What is up with Phoebe? Why wouldn't she let you clean her??