Rescue Journal

i am home from my mommy thing and back to my animal thing now....

Carol  ·  Jun. 16, 2007

gus is still with us. i just heated his magic bag and gave him a few gentle strokes. i will run some more fluids thru him before i go to bed. everyone else was pretty darn happy to see me and the place while not perfect was relatively not too bad considering i was gone for almost 5 hours.

the thing about dance recitals is this.... the tiny little kids are adorable and funny too, the middle kids are still kind of sloppy and all over the place but remind you of your own when they were that age too, and the experienced dancers are just a joy to watch. lindsey has been dancing since she was 8 yrs old...that is almost 20 years!

and i was remembering my own journey thru dance with my daughters during the show. gosh, when i think of the amount of money that went into 2 young girls and their multiple, varied dance classes, plus singing lessons and sports stuff. wow...saints could be financed for a couple of years on that!

funny why you start things with your kids. at eight years old, lindsey was a solid klutzy kid with coke bottle glasses and a stutter. the dance was for helping her feel good about herself and the voice lessons were to help her problems with stringing words together. and 20 years later she is a tall, beautiful, graceful young woman with a great voice, a gentle heart, a very good mind and she can dance really well too. she now a teacher at a local high school. wow again, was that ever money well spent!

at the fundraiser she sang that song "Torn", which i love, and that is how i felt tonight. i was torn between my committment to my daughter and to gus too. luckily, for once i was able to to meet them both. altho at the end of the show, when i met her in the lobby, the best she got was a quick hug, "you were wonderful and i gotta go, sick cat! love ya" and she laughed, her mom is pretty predictable. but who'd have thought that recital would have lasted more than 3 and a half hours, geez, i don't remember them being that long before.

anyway, i was with my daughter and i made it back to gus too so i think tonight went as best as it could. altho i was kind of unrealistically hoping to see gus up on his feet wailing to be let out of the cage with an empty bowl in front of him, that would have made the night pretty close to perfect!

but i missed my other daughter tonight. she has been in china for the last few weeks and won't be home til the middle of july. it would have been nice to go with her to the recital, ahh well, she will be home soon. i rarely see my son. he likes his job way too much! when he was a kid, he was always playing computer games, now he produces them for a living..ha ha, who'd have thought he could have made a career out of it!

grown kids are great, you can still be their beloved mom but have another life filled with old wrecked animals too cuz they have their own lives that they like now too!!!



Good for you Carol. It's gotta be hard when you're torn between two roles. I'm glad Gus was still okay when you returned. Please give him a love for me. My cat Charlie is just starting to go through the beginning stages of Renal failure so I might be emailing for help!!!!