Rescue Journal

Mabel is a ShihZilla

Mecca  ·  Jun. 16, 2007

Christine is cooking a to-be-unidentified piece of meat, this makes our kitchen a very popular place, naturally, but Mabel has taken obsession to rarified new heights.

Back story: Mabel is a 15-ish year old SAINT. She is sorta blind, sorta deaf, will bite if she feels inclined, but has only about 7 teeth. She likes to, in precise order:eat, sleep and bark at anything that resembles meat. Mabee Baby is a true carnivore. No airy fairy veggie matter for this old dog. Where's the beef? Or chicken, or.......

Mabee was likely starved in her earlier life. Then she landed at SAINTS (thank God and Carol), then she landed here, at the dogs' dream of the land of milk and honey. And meat.

Back to the peice of meat currently simmering on our stove. Mabel is barking at it. Non-stop. To see Mabel bark at anything is to see a creature put a full 100% of her energy into the exercise. She seems to think that if she barks from her back toes up, the pot will boil faster, and she will get her due faster, so she can go sleep hard for 12 hours in a meat-induced coma.

Mabes is da bomb. Never, ever has a dog made me laugh like she does. She's such a grand old bitch. Long may she bark.


Chris T

Well Mabel has had her meat, done her tour around the yard and she is now settling in for her 12 hour coma. Once tomorrow comes she will bark again all day because I am going to make soup from the same meat. It should be fun!