Rescue Journal

we are going to lose gus.

Carol  ·  Jun. 16, 2007

he arrived sick on thursday and has just snow balled down hill. on saturday, there appears to be little hope. he will not eat or drink. i will not force feed him because he is quite obviously dying and i don't torture them near the end. his bloodwork shows his kidneys are toasted and his liver is not all that great either. he was having eating issues at the clinic and they thought he was depressed at losing another home. we ran some sc fluids thru him today and our vet said i could start him on the heavy meds to control any pain. but really it is just to keep him comfortable until tomorrow when i am sure our vet will say to let him go. he probably should have been helped to pass from the clinic that he came from, at least he knew them there as he had lived with them on and off for many months. in all fairness, they didn't know he was as sick as he was til i asked them to do the bloodwork before sending him out. poor gus, what a crappy way to end your life, major upheaval, strangers in a very strange land and inside a cage because i need him there to keep an eye on him.

another not happy ending for a senior cat who should have been dying in the arms of someone who was committed to him for his entire life.

it sucks to be old and sick and homeless. especially when you come to saints far too late to find any peace.



i just talked to the vet again. he said i could give gus some fortekor today and tomorrow to increase the profusion to the kidneys. also to bump up his sc from 100 mls a day to 200 mls over two or three sessions. and to try him with some ensure. (i think he missed my whole i am not force feeding a dying cat thing cuz the only way gus is going to eat or drink anything right now is if i syringe it in to him.)...hmmm, i will give him a bit of the ensure with a syringe and see how he does but i am not strong arming the poor little guy who is just trying to sleep thru the whole dying thing.

i have to go out now to my daughter's dance recital (i thought we were done with this years ago but she takes adult classes now for fun and i am still her mom and really enjoy watching her dance/sing)

i hope gus is still here when i get home and if he isn't, i hope he stays asleep while he goes.


Gus is at least with you. Not in a shelter with cement walls or a crate to die in. You will give him a compassionate end to his sorry Carol

Chris T

I am sorry to hear this. At least at SAINTS you will do the right thing for him when his time comes Carol. Gus deserved a whole better.