Rescue Journal

puppy plea!

Carol  ·  Jun. 17, 2007

tom, sweet pea, joe and tug's all hate her. it might be because she grabs the hair on the back of their legs and pulls them backwards across the floor. she thinks it is fun, they do not!

tyra is getting that long suffering look..."i don't WANT to babysit the little beast!" unfortunately, tyra is the only one who distracts peanut from the others and tyra is big enough not to get her back leg hairs pulled. plus tyra doesn't really hate her, she lets her sleep with her and cuddle sometimes too. i was thinking of trying jazz with the pup since jazz was a mama many times over but that would entail letting jazz into the cat room and it gets flooded enough in here without adding her contribution to the flow.

anyway, i know how tyra feels cuz i don't want that cute little brat here either. i do old farts not roly poly babies on a let's be happy high.

please????? can someone save us from youth???? foster home/adoptive home/a more appropriate rescue placement???? anyone?????????



ha, it takes all of five minutes of enraged seniors fending off stupid puppies who out weigh the old guys 2:1 to quelch that particular longing. she is a pretty darn smart puppy tho, the little bugger has litter box trained herself! one cat box is for pooping and the other is to pee in. very cute!


Ahh puppies. So much work. I hope someone can take her off your hands. I had to giggle though, when I remembered you writing this:

"as much as i worship the seniors, and am in awe of how well they live each day. i sometimes miss the moronic joyfulness of the young ones. percy and ellie help me with that a bit, but they don’t quite have the idiot staying power of a very young dog."

I guess you have got your fill for a while :)