Rescue Journal

another call on an old cat

Carol  ·  Jun. 18, 2007

booked for euth. i told the clinic i needed a full assessment before i decide if the cat can come here. i am not risking another gus right now. i don't care if they are sick as long as they have enough time to adjust and find some goodness here. but just to come for a few days of multiple needles and meds shoved down ones throat by strangers before one dies is just not fair to any of us.

i wonder if gus could have loved me, i think i could have easily loved him.

not everyone loves me here. cuddles is not the least bit interested in developing a relationship with me. rocky, likes me, but he loves nicole. right now phebes loves mo more than me cuz mo doesn't get as mad at her as often as i do. the horses don't love anyone except themselves. carl and the sheep are not interested in much beyond who is feeding them tonight and do they know this person or not.. i think ellie, percy and tunie like me alot, but not like the other dogs and cats do. most of the other guys adore me.

i pretty much don't deserve it, but i am the best they get right now. someday all seniors will be loved and cherished and can pass from their life long homes, then saints and i can fade away. this is my plan anyway.



it sucks that gus had to spend the last painful days of his life stressed out, but i am happy that saints was able to be there for him.