Rescue Journal

so...i am minding my own business...

Carol  ·  Jun. 19, 2007

watching canadian idol for the THIRD time cuz i the first 2 times i kept getting called away and missed it (the beauty of satellite TV is the different time zones) when this absolutely gut wrenching, horrid smell fills the air...."wilbur!? did you fart?? holy crap man that was GROSS!"...this was bad, the baddest bad i have ever smelled. was he rotting inside or something? i had to leave the room and went out into the kitchen, it smelled even worse out there.

hmmmm..."where is michael?"...oh, he is my bedroom on his favorite bed, laying in the foulest, hugest pool of diarrhea i have ever oh man. "ok, into the bath buddy, and geez i am using a gallon of bleach on that tub when you are done"

so poor old, so very close to the end michael, got a bath. i think he actually enjoyed that warm water on his joints. once he was clean, i soaped him again and rinsed, and then conditioned him and rinsed again and now he smells like a flower. he liked the gentle rubbing dry off on his new and clean towel laden bed too. i gave him an extra pain med. and i sprayed my room down with fabreeze but this new bottle smells like insecticide, i am not getting the blue bottle again it has a nasty scent. not as bad as what michael produced but still not all that great either.

hope he doesn't do that again tonight, yuck.

i never did get to see who made the top 22 on idol, ratz.


Chris T

Poor Michael! I hope he is feeling better.

You need to invest in a digital recorder for your satellite - then you can just record it and watch it at your leisure.