Rescue Journal

what a night..trish just stroked

Carol  ·  Jun. 19, 2007

and she is repeatedly vomitting post stroke so i can't get the meds into her yet. and i don't have any injectible anti nausea meds right now altho i could use rectal if she continues...hopefully she will settle til it a full moon or something tonight?



I'm glad things have settles some. What a way to start the day, especially with a headache. Roxy sounds like a funny girl, I bet she figures she's landed in heaven! Hope the rest of your day proceeds uneventfully.


michael is good, his normal self, except hje still smells very nice....trish is better, she has stopped vomitting, is walking better but still a little wobbly....i have another early morning headache to take to work with me again.

last nights funny...roxy decided somewhere between puke and loose poop, that she loved me (or at least really needed to be right with me at all times, maybe she thinks i need a keeper)anyway...she is quite agile and jumps pretty much to where ever she wants. while i was typing about our traumatic midnight, she jumped up and laid across the keyboard and parked herself. that is why that post was so short..she is now my editor. she is still sleeping on my pillow so i am sneaking in another long one before she wakes up.