Rescue Journal

on my own.....

Carol  ·  Jun. 22, 2007

looking forward to my last shift tonight and then a couple of weeks of working vacation around here to get caught up on stuff at saints. i hope tonight is better than last night! usually evening shifts are pretty good, but there is always that exception to the rule.

i am going to ask greg to build a fence across my bed, holy smoke there are alot of little critters sneaking in there now. joe has joined the bed crew too and endora just had to have that 4 inches of space between my neck and the edge of the bed. i might actually need a box to sleep in cuz they are all pretty good at sleeping on me, next to me, around me, where ever, as long as they can touch me. if i had a box to sleep in, they'd all be SOL. i guess it would look a little weird if i bought a nice casket for my bed?...but hey, that would work and it would be around for when i finally kick the bucket, my kids could skip the whole casket catalog shopping routine. and it is consistent with my multi-purpose usage philosophy, bed for now, bury me later, one expense fits all.

i think i am on my own this morning for all the cleaning before i start work so i better get my butt in gear. it is pouring down rain this morning, i hope it slows down to a soft drizzle, at least then the dogs will maybe go out the door to take care of business.

that song, "on my own"...from which broadway musical??? stuck in my head today. i am humming now, sheesh.



That's from Les Miserables...remember sitting through about 20 girls singing it at voice recitals??