Rescue Journal

The Millers

Carol  ·  Jun. 24, 2007

you can call them a herd, or a pack, or a flock, or just a bunch...but whatever they are as a group, they are in fact millers, milling around, in your way, whenever you are trying to do something that requires space. this could be cleaning, carrying multiple heavy objects or supplies in or out of their house, or feeding, or getting dressed in the morning, it could involve getting ready for work or bed or going out the door, it even includes trying to bath someone or even bathing yourself. the millers mill around whenever there is any kind of potential activity that they may want to participate in, or prevent, or speed up or slow down, or simply see what the heck is going on now, just in case it may be something they want to know. millers actively take part in any event that has interest to them and even some that do not because milling itself is self-perpetuating.

and the problem with millers is two fold, one.... they get in your way and two...they multiply, one or two millers, quickly become ten. milling is a dangerous activity, too many little feet underneath a giant on a mission and someone invariably gets their toes squished. mops or brooms, trying to avoid the obvious, in your face millers, sometimes inadvertantly clip the peripheral ones. the most dangerous, is head injuries...carrying and juggling a dozen cans of food, plus various bowls and forks thru a pack of millers, can be deadly. drop just one on someone's head by accident and they could be seriously injured or sporting a fork antenna for the rest of their lives.

we could get alot more done, alot more quickly and efficiently AND SAFELY, if the millers would just park themselves and watch from the couch.



I've just gotten used to being part of a whirling dervish with 38 feet moving throughout the house. We tend to move en masse, which works until someone stops. Usually it's Eeyore, I mean Madison, trying to commit suicide by crushing, or Keifer, who has forgotten where we were going.


It happens here a lot too and puppies learn from the adults/teenagers! They also mill around the gate and greenhouse when I am trying to work in the greenhouse - they refuse to leave me in case I sneak out while they play. Toes do get squished, heads do get bonked but still they are all there everytime Dave or I move! That's just the way it is! PS the ground has dried enough so I planted the greenhouse and kitchen garden this week!! As long as it doesn't pour or get really hot the flood threat is stable!!

Chris T

We play a similar game here and Madison is the master. It is called "Let me walk in front of you and anticipate where you are going to go." I think she is trying to kill me when she plays this game.