Rescue Journal

plans for today

Carol  ·  Jun. 25, 2007

the bobcat has just been delivered. we are going to spend this week removing the thick broken down, sloppy, riding ring base and replacing it with i have not decided what yet. i waffle back and forth between sand and hog fuel and a combo of both, decisions, it right or it is a waste of time and money and neither can afford to be wasted here.

then come saturday, the duke energy staff are coming again for a volunteer day to help us build another much needed sun/rain shelter for the barn guys for when they are not allowed in the upper field. these great people helped us to build the shavings shed last year and consequently made life alot easier around here and our shavings bill went down significantly once we could buy them in bulk.

anyway the riding ring surface has to be done by the weekend in preparation, hence i better decide.

i only took joe to bed last night. i left everyone else asleep on the couch and wrapped in fleeces. i needed just one night that i could move. tom is pissed but everyone else was ok at the one night of abandonment.

ahhh well, my organizing vacation is not going well. by the time i struggled thru the barn, laundry and cleaning, i am fairly well bagged. i fell asleep on the couch last night after putting the barn guys to bed. that was stupid because at midnight i was up again and trying to get the rest of the day's laundry thru. plus, now that the horses are back in the upper field, i noticed last night that there is a whole shitload of manure to move out of there again.

the things to do just keep getting bigger and the people to do them pretty much doesn't change. sigh, one day we will balance it all out, at least i hope.



I play king of the castle with Percy on the week-ends.. it's a blast...and Carol, Yes, those were exactly the kinds of things I was thinking of when expecting your plans to change..... My you are so perceptive : - )


LOL - Carl's the king of the castle!!! I think he needs a flag to lay claim to his mountain. :) Too funny!


like having to stop halfway and build another freaking road cuz the bobcat keeps getting stuck in the mud?
like having 4 loads of road mulch brought in for the new road we have to build and not being able to use it because carl has decided that he needs a mountain to peruse his kingdom from?
like now we have to build the freaking llama a freaking mountain cuz now he knows he wants one???
are those the kind of plans changing things you mean mo?????
i am going to shoot either myself or the freaking llama.


The only way to stop the flow of manure is to stop feeding.... Hmmmmmmm

Here I am at work.... wishing I could be out scooping poop... and remember the saying about making plans ????? I don't remember it but it goes something like expect them to change... Lol

Francesca Wilson

Hi Carole
I think Don and I could come out on Saturday - he could perhaps help with the building, or just clean the field. I will know for sure tonight. Our dogs were very afraid of the storm yesterday but all seems well today.
Take care