Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 30, 2007

big apologies for continuing to write duke energy when it is now spectra energy (duke is easier to remember)...apparently there are 21 employees, spouses and children arriving in about an hour. i have to run into town and grab some paintbrushes and trays so if it stays dry long enough, the kids can paint while the adults build.

plan B if it downpours is to clean out the garage...i hope it doesn't rain cuz i am not prepared in my head to figure out the stuff in the garage yet.

dex had a quiet night, i am just waiting for him to wake up and get up so i can see if there is any damage from his seizure last night, his poor legs split in a really awkward and unnatural position on him in the beginning before i got him over onto his side so i am afraid he might be sore today.

boo slept curled up next to me all night. i only got one half-assed bite on my forearm for petting her at the wrong millisecond this morning.

ben survived his first lonely night. i got him out for several pee's and a poop this morning so hopefully he is good in there for awhile cuz i will be busy.

nicole...if you are reading this before you come...we need to set up the tables and the big blue shelter asap this morning so there is a dry place for people to go to and rest. i go to town.