Rescue Journal

i have phoebe out in the front yard with ben...

Carol  ·  Jul. 2, 2007

sadly, he has not shown any inclination to eat her. i told mo and nicole today that if we could just use that back hoe to bury phoebe, ben, maude, copper and tyra out in the lower pasture, it would be so very quiet and peaceful here. i might want to add stripe, tang, sunny, toby and swinger to that list too . i tried to include wesley rockstar but nicole got all protective of him....oh, and i want to add buddy too cuz he was a piss-ant during the noon feeding today and scared the daffy duck dog, sweetpea.

we all ate nacho's and donuts for dinner tonight, the dogs like my menu choices.

the second evening run had ben, tyra, lexie, phebes and dex. sometimes it is just nice to sit on a bench above the pond and let them meander by themselves. dex, lex and phebes laid at my feet, they were already tired out from the 1st evening run. tyra had a swim, wandered with ben and maude for a bit and then came and hung around the rest of us. maude did her maude thing which is pretty much continuous motion. amd ben checked out some points he hadn't seen yet and then stood in the shallows of the pond and grazed on the green stuff growing there. it was a quiet peaceful time with everyone in their own little world and the birds chirping in the background. it was nice.


Francesca Wilson

It sounds like Ben is doing well - he is such a great looking dog. I guess he knows how lucky he is and doesn't want to mess up. I'm so pleased for Tugs as well - all in all those are two good pieces of news.
Take care