Rescue Journal

summer is HOT!

Carol  ·  Jul. 4, 2007

we had some very nice visitors from the winnigeg humane society today, they seemed to really enjoy their visit. one of the ladies is interested in starting her own farm animal rescue, focusing on farm pigs. recently she became aware of the horrific living conditions of these highly intelligent and sensisitve creatures. yay, another advocate for humane treatment of living, breathing, feeling, food items! she fell in love with ellie mae, the pink (and still white from the fence painting fiasco) pig princess.

gosh it was hot today. i have all the industrial fans going so it is tolerable inside. the dogs had a couple of swims to cool off, even tally did the full submerge thing. i am waiting to do the barn guys til it cools off a bit more, i am not great in the heat.

has anyone noticed there is like a kazillion mosquito's out there? i went to fraser valley building supplies this morning for some stuff and literally was swarmed and eaten alive out in their storage sheds by 8 am. i am never leaving the house without my OFF again.

well.... all of the gravel and bark mulch has finally been delivered, lyle is supposed to come back this evening to spread it all around. that will be a huge weight off my shoulders. the seeded grass areas are drying out too fast, the well only has a couple of feet of water. somehow i am going to have to figure out how to stretch the water far enough to give that seed a bit of a drink every night. we have started our water conservation stuff again...all volunteers please read the board for the new water rules and treat every drop like gold.

new incoming...old dog from VAS, sad story, the staff are very fond of him. his name is buddy, but he is apparently deaf so i think we can safely change it.(one buddy is enough around here) they are suggesting duncan or remy, he is a full bred rough collie with some arthritis issues, he is a very nice dog who becomes a saint tomnorrow.

welcome whatever your name will be, i hope you like it here.



He is a lovely,lovely old guy. His foster family fed him raw and he became a shiny new man with a BEAUTIFUL coat.

He reminds me of an old Scottish man and if I were to name him, I would call him DOUGAL - a fitting name for an old Rough Collie. He likes to "talk" a lot. :)

You will love him Carol, and he will adore all of you. I am so pleased you are making room for him; thank you so much.