Rescue Journal

the fundemental difference between animals and humans is....

Carol  ·  Jul. 5, 2007

pretend. animals do not have the ability to pretend to be anything other than who they are. and i believe in a nutshell, that this ability to pretend, and fool ourselves and others for a time is the cornerstone to our human superiority complex. it is not that humans are intentionally dishonest, because we aren't. but what we do do that animals don't, is pretend to be something more than we are at times. we want to be kind, we want to be honest, we truly want to be a good human being. we are capable of being all of that special, kind, generous, insightful honest person that we present, but eventually we just get lazy and slip back into reality. and the human reality is about ourselves and how afraid we are of who we actually happen to be. because the ones who are most afraid are the best pretenders.

over the years, i have watched my kids in their relationships, esp. my daughters, meet what initially appears to be the enlightened guy of their dreams. until the guy becomes self absorbed, or selfish, or makes a really ignorant racial, gender, or judgemental comment and then the man of their dreams just becomes another guy with dirty clay feet in shiny shoes.

i have watched families, good people, abandoning their life long friends here for the most absurd and thoughtless of reasons. and i have watched potential new families searching for a companion that will in time be abandoned again because that moment of selfless compassion for a senior homeless pet is a transitory shining moment at best. those special moments are not enough to sustain for an entire life.

today saints welcomes remy from VAS, he is a good and honest dog who does not know why he is here.

he is here because the human race is fickle. mostly we are not evil, we are just fickle minded. we can't decide for real who we truly are or what we truly want so we just mess around with others hearts while we once in awhile pretend to be something or someone we aren't.



Remy has landed in the softest, safest place he could. The rest of his life will be predictable, if not as perfect as you would wish it to be, Carol. If only your dreams for the SAINTS could be made reality.

Chris T

I am sure, like all SAINTS, Remy will come to love you and SAINTS and all the volunteers. Welcome Remy - you will like SAINTS a whole lot better than VAS!