Rescue Journal

saints doggy picnic, noon tomorrow in the back yard.

Carol  ·  Jul. 6, 2007

remy does a happy hello dance this morning and falls over...ooops. good morning remy! nice dog, he slept on the floor of my room on a soft bed of his own. as soon as i got up, it was like i was gone all night and he was happy to see me again. can we say a little bit of separation anxiety? it stands to reason, he has been bounced alot in the last few months. he has a green goopy eye this morning so i will start him on antibiotic drops to clear that up quick before it becomes an issue. it was probably hovering just below the surface when his world turned upside down again and poof, stress related opportunistic eye infection!

i would like to state that altho everyone who sleeps with me on the bed, weighs 10 pounds or less, 80 pounds of animal flesh, spread out but all trying to touch somewhere on my body, make for a crappy nights sleep.

sad news for a friend of mine. sweet, sweet marley, the little parapalegic sheltie that was coming to stay next week while his mom went for a bit of a holiday, has passed away. he took a turn for the worse and asked to please be let go because for an agility and obedience champion, losing the ability to walk anymore was just too hard for him to bear. rest in peace marley, your mom loved you and i thought you were one of the best dogs i had ever met.

mo has requested a picnic tomorrow, i think the dogs are seconding and twenty-seconding the idea. i will buy some beer and stuff everyone likes to eat today.... let the fun begin. anyone who would like to join us is more than welcome. noon in the backyard (i have vet appointments at 230 in maple ridge so we have to do it early).

the vet appointments are for frodo who is fading on us lately. i think he is around 16 but want to get him checked in case it is more than just old age. and sweet pea is going in too because not only is her hair thinning a bit too much, but she is repeatedly sexually harassing all the guys around her (and my foot too)...i think it has to do with her ovarian tumour but i want the vet to look at her in case there is something that the rest of us can do to make her stop humping and grow more hair....maybe we could try hormonal therapy or something cuz little tom is getting that long suffering look from too much of the wrong kind of attention. he doesn't want to be hot at his age nor the object of her up close and personal affection.

hook is vomitting this morning, poor babe, i hope it is just one of those passing cat puking things. better get moving and start today, i think i am a on my own again in house and barn. sigh.

oh yay!! not alone today, eva just called and is coming to help til noon, wahoo, the day just got better!