Rescue Journal

i like dogs who instinctively know how to eat off a fork.

Carol  ·  Jul. 17, 2007

muffin joined the cat room dog crew in sharing my dinner (thank you lynne!), she managed the fork like a champ.

ben jumped maudie last night, he knocked her right off her feet. no harm done to her physically but her spirit took a beating. maude is the resident, prima donna nagging bitch, ben's assault knocked her world. ben is now down to runs with just tyra and me. it took maude right up to this evening to recover when mo and roxy and levi stopped by, then she went right back into being a baggy nag. whew.

it was really nice to see mo and the dogs sneak into the barn while i was cleaning. between the 2 of us , we were out of there in no time and got to spend even more time in the bottom field. phoebe couldn't believe that her friends came to visit mid week. she is a happy little camper tonight, whew again.

sweet pea is the cutest dog on the face of the earth. buddy and sissy are the stinkiest, chicklet is the craziest, michael is the wrecked-est, ben is the jerkiest and maybe the noisiest , tally is the softest, copper is the trickiest, tom is the hobbit-est, dexter is the liveliest, cole is the wildest, phoebe is the fastest, tyra is the best-est and bill has the biggest butt...all the others are pretty special in their own ways too, but my typing finger is getting sore.

it was a good day today, work went well, all is well at home tonight too...can't ask for too much more that that.

eddie goes to the vet tomorrow for an assessment and frodo's bloodwork has cleared him for his surgery which i need to book. nudge had a couple of decent poops, and short haired tigger has somehow magically developed a badly mattted back...he was very good while i cut it all away.

we are in desperate need for cat brushers up here, so many of the cats are just too old or sick and no longer groom themselves.


Chris T

Mabel will also grab the fork. She is challenged in this regard. She clamps down on it, hard!


i remember molly grabbing the fork right out of my hand, turning around, marching back into the house and into her bed with it...i think she was going to use it later to poke out someone's eye.

Chris T

All of our dogs eat off forks. But none are as funny as molly...who shark attacks the fork. THis does not work so well for her at times as she ends up knocking the food of the fork and someone else gets it. Quite funny!