Rescue Journal

gawd, i am bagged this morning

Carol  ·  Jul. 18, 2007

i feel like i just got off a night shift and should be heading to bed. and what exactly was i doing last night? nothing, sleeping like i was supposed to. i even got to bed by midnight which is my usual time. the phone rang at 0645 this morning which was good cuz my alarm had been going since 6 am and i wasn't waking up...blech.

i am hoping that eddie tests negative to feline leukemia today...i want him out of that cage, i want that cage out of the cat room cuz it is way too crowded in there right now and we don't have anywhere else to put him if he tests positive and i don't feel like figuring that one out right now either. so, fingers are crossed that he is negative please and thank you.

looks like 5 straight days of rain, good for the grass, good for the well and probably sucks for people on vacation (sorry)...THANK YOU!!!!

possible thunderstorms today tho...this freaks out the dogs. i will jack up the volumes on the tv's before i go to work and hope that helps a bit. fingers crossed, no thunder please and thank you too.

ok, gotta feed and let loose the barn guys and get this weary old butt to work..i have a student with me this week which means i have to be on top of my game...blech again.



You'll have to get some old transister radios Carol.. you dont' want lightening to take out your tvs with power surges.