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i would like to speak to max's owners

Carol  ·  Jul. 22, 2007

not the pathetic people that got him from someone and then tied him to a tree in the backyard, traumatized him and didn't feed him. but the ones before that. the ones that got him as a puppy, taught him to sit and stay and come and lie down. the ones that every once in a awhile he rushes to the window or the door and peers intently for cuz he thinks maybe that sound he just heard is them coming to find him.

i want to talk to those people and tell them that whatever fantasy world they are living in about where they sent their beloved dog, it is a lie. i want to tell them that they sent their dog who loved and trusted them into hell. i want them to know so that they never, ever, do it again to another.

and now i want to tell everyone who gives their dog or their cat or their horse or rabbit away, or sells them to someone else because their life just got complicated. here are some stats for you about just the dogs (horse, cat and rabbit stats are even worse). the average dog lives in 5 homes in it's life time. each home gets progessively worse. there are literally millions of those bounced around dogs killed in shelters in north america every single year. the average age of dog's euth'd in shelters is 5 years of age. five homes, five abandonments and betrayals and then death in the most frightening place in the world to them...the place that keeps them caged and trapped from the people that the dog knows and loves.

and i want to say this to the whole entire world....if you cannot, irrevocably committ to an animal that you choose to get for it's entire life, if you cannot or will not be a responsible owner that provides decent food, shelter, medical care, and emotional intimacy with them for their full life, then do not get them. don't keep doing it to them or their offspring that you allowed to be born. for god's sake, don't keep making it worse for them every single time a human lets them down, don't be just another human in a long line waiting to hurt them.

to max's first owners, he believes you loved him. you took care of him and taught him all kinds of great things. i however don't believe you loved him for a second because how could you possibly have let him come to this if you loved him?

oh, and by the way, good and responsible people spay and neuter their pets. they know that is part of the whole package on loving and caring for their friend.



i could figure out how to cross post it on craigs list if you would like carol.


lol cynthia...are you nutz????!!! my computer skills involve email and posting on this blog or brindle...i ain't going to be cross posting anywhere.

lucky are all of the dogs mentioned in these comments who landed in a safe place.


Carol - PLEASE post this on Craigslist under Community - Pets. If it only reaches a handful of people, it will be worth it. God knows how many horrible homes Kia went through before we found each other. We had 6 wonderful years together.

Now Bobby has joined our family at 13. His family was going to euthenize him if Second Chances hadn't taken him in. His crime? He was trained to go to the bathroom on a rubber boot mat in the laundry room, where he was kept during the day while his famiy was at work and at night whe he slept. They were selling their large home in a presigious area of Vancouver and down-sizing to a condo and there wasn't a laundry room to keep him in. The bathroom was not considered a suitable substitute.

Luckily for all of us, Bobby came to our house to be fostered until he found his permanent home. After three weeks, he unpacked his bags and made it obvious that he was going to stay. A little while later, someone enquired about him from his Petfinder ad. There was a hastily convened family meeting during which it was unanimously voted to have him stay and none of us have any regrets. (Especially the cats, whom he leaves completely alone. lol)

I emailed the potential adopter with the news and told her there were many dogs in the same circumstances and referred her on to SAINTS. I really hope that she has at least checked your website as she was willing to take two dogs so they would have company.


Couldn't have said it better than that. I just adopted a 9 year-old bulldog girl from American Bulldog rescue and totally agree. When she came, she was covered in spots which looked like "moth-eaten" fur. Comes from being pushed around and all the stress attached! Now being 9 years and getting old (for a bulldog)and being "given up" for whatever darn reason. The first two weeks she was with us, it was very sad to see she just didn't trust herself to start loving us, as she never knew when she would be "passed on" to the next person. However, TLC and commitment have worked wonders and she is a beauty to see now, fur totally healed, happy and tail wagging all day long and lovingly committed to us all the way. I almost cried when she for the first time barked at a stranger going by our yard, because now she felt that this was her house as well! I have long ago decided never ever to have a litter of puppies or kittens, as I never could bring myself to "send them out in the world." And I totally agree it is wonderful to get an older dog and see how they bloom and integrate into your family. Our own two dogs and two cats have been marvellous in making the new member welcome!

Keep up the good work, Carol. You are doing a marvellous job and I admire your stamina!



Carol, that is just about the best thing I have read in a long time. Is there any way you can have that put in the newspaper, animal shelters, etc.??

I once gave a dog away and I shall never, ever do that again - the guilt is still with me.


Sometimes, Carol, you're especially terrific in what you have to say.
Thank you.