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trish will be passing this morning

Carol  ·  Jul. 24, 2007

she is still sleeping on her blanket and unaware but she is laying in a large pool of tomato soup...her mammory tumour is bleeding out. i will wait til the last minute to wake her before putting her in a crate to take her to the clinic on my way to work. they hate it when i show up as soon as they open their doors for a euth but what can you do except deal with it...and always they so kindly do. they just end up playing catch up for the rest of the day and i feel bad for that. i guess i better phone work and tell them i will be late again.

ahh trish, your timing sucks for me but i guess it is right for you, please don't be scared when i put you in the crate and please don't hurt either, soon it will be done.



Oh gosh, snoring through the euth sounds good - as good as it can get if you have to go. Thanks for replying to my question & I'm looking forward to hearing your stories of Trish.


Thanks, Carol,

I'm glad that little Trish passed away peacefully. It still is very sad though. I'm so glad that you were able to be with her at the end.

How is little Caro? Has it registered with him as yet?

Poor little guy !! I'll give you a call about him when I get back from Toronto on August 4th.

Take care of yourself and all the best,



we do prearrange euth's at home when we pre-book and plan for them but emergency euth's have to happen in the clinics because the animals can't wait if they are critical.

trish was a wake and alert all the way in but she was comfortable and not afraid. i think she felt a big release of pressure when that thing burst and probably felt a sense of relief. but she was tired, her blood pressuer had bottomed out and she was ready to go.

she had her pre med and snored thru the euth. it was a good death for a very good dog. there are some other things i want to share about her and caring for her these past few months, but later, i am behind on my clients now.

Barbara DeMott

I am ready to put down some money for a housecall euth fund for Saints.
Someone tell me how to start up a fund and where to send a check.
Sorry for your recent losses, Carol.


Oh, that's too bad. Perhaps she won't really wake up.

I'm wondering if there's a chance of starting a small fund to pay for housecall euth.? When our GSD's went, it was such a nice thing to have it done at home, on their favourite beds, in familiar surroundings. One less last stress & upheaval.....I really appreciated the vets who did it for us. Is that a possibility at SAINTS?

Take care of yourself.


I am so sorry to read about your recent losses Carol. Trish is a sweet looking little girl. I hope the crate ride goes well for her. It must suck to have to go to work after dealing with these things! Take care, Diane


Please give her a gentle hug and a kiss for me Carol. And Thank you again for taking both her and Caro in.