Rescue Journal

our little hobbit is not well.

Carol  ·  Jul. 26, 2007

i am quite worried. i called the vets and will switch his abx and add some pain meds just in case.

remy is kicked out of the cat room, he is unkind to the very little guys when there is food around so he can hang out in the kitchen for now. i don't want to shoo him over to the dog room cuz he will have a melt down if he can't be near me.

moving max and ben around to accomondate dog runs is hard. max could come with us but he can't go into the pond til his sutures heal. and i think that is when he eats the walls, when i take the other dogs and leave him behind. he doesn't like it when i do that.

i am probably going to have to take that black and white mid sized whatever that i used to see around town with her senior lady, her situation has gone from bad to worse and she is now confined in a garage of the person who was trying to save her life. kelsy is not happy, she is used to being with her person 24/7. her rescuer leaves for vacation on thursday and needs her out by then, the son said to put her down if a home can't be found. i guess my hiring a dog walker idea came to naught to buy her some more time.

it would have been kinder to put her down before she lost her home and got all upset. oh well i will take her if i have to but i won't be happy about it. poor thing.

i promise i will write that peice for the newsletter after i clean the barn tonight nicole, i am just having trouble coming up with anything that is not sad or upsetting lately.

one funny for today...i came home for lunch and there was a very senior lady unloading some donated items for us. i offerred her the quicky tour. when we got to the upper pasture, no ellie was in sight but i could hear her snorkling hello. anyway, i found her, she was under the blue tarp having a nap in the shavings pile...very cute!



So sorry about little Tom. I hope he is feeling better after the switch of his meds.

So sorry that there has bene so much sadness at Saints recently.

We need a party to cheer things up !!!! When I come to the Garage Sale on the 12th, I'll bring some party goodies so that we can celebrate Pippa's life (which was a bit sad, but was mostly very happy).

I'll give you a call over the week-end Carol to see what would be good to bring.

Cheers and I hope that Tom is better.



oh no little tomtom - you must get better.
and while the sad things seem to be mounting at saints, there are so many happy things at saints too - think of all the people pops drooled on and laugh at the expressions on their faces as they saw his 8 inches of drool hanging precariously close, i remember that triggering my gag-reflex when i first came to saints. and while thinking of jazz may make you sad it will eventually make you laugh, because of how much of an amazing, wonderful, confident and unstoppable tank she could be. and while caro wasn't particularly funny atleast we had the pleasure of getting to know that she was a sweet quiet girl who really loved your bathroom. so go write my letter!