Rescue Journal

frodo had a difficult surgery

Carol  ·  Jul. 27, 2007

he was pretty hard to exam when he was in last week. anyway, he has lost all except 2 canine teeth and is staying in the clinic tonight on a morph/ketamine drip for pain. hopefully he will be able to come home tomorrow, late in the day. i popped in to see him but he was far away and totally asleep. poor boy. bet he is mad at me when he gets home.

max has started work on the THIRD wall in the middle dog room...geez louise max could you please confine yourself to one area of destruction. just what i want to do is patch and re-paint the whole freaking room when you finally settle out and quit with the reno's...everyone else stuck to one wall...try to follow their good and discriminating example.

tom is wandering around a bit right now, yay tom, nice to see you outta bed! he sure looks frail today tho. and so does michael, he is having a harder time than usual, toddering around these past few days even bill is starting to look frail around the face, stop it you guys, you are freaking me out.

i am going to enjoy this evening, "basic/have to" only and then i kick up the speed (and stress) again tomorrow.(this means i am not answering the phone tonight either)...this is carol, signing off for the night.