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the advantage of apartment living from a dog's point of view

Carol  ·  Jul. 28, 2007

you will never be stuck, living alone, in the garage, basement, or backyard...always waiting for someone to please remember that you are there.

you get to go for alot of walks every day with your favorite person.

you get to meet alot of friends each and everyday as you come and go for your walks...many of these people that you see every day, know your name and always say hello and are happy to see you as you go about your day.

when you get old and sore or creaky, there are always elevators to take instead of the stairs.

you are pretty safe from bad things like backyard dog knappers, getting hit by cars, or being chained outside to a tree or a dog house during a thunder storm, or getting dirty, matted and gross looking, or not seeing the vet if you are sick (cuz lot's of people see you and know if you aren't being looked after properly.) you don't have a big yard to run around in, but your person can find some great dog parks and trails for you to explore. there are dog walkers for hire, and doggy day cares to visit too.

it is not a bad life, alot better than some of the other dog's out there that i know....that big backyard, and great big farm...they hold a bunch of other dangers, and can be a pretty sad and scary place for some really nice but unlucky dogs.

you is not the house you live in that determines a happy home, it is the people that you live with that are responsible for that.



It's too bad that more rescues don't recognize that a fenced yard (or lack of) doesn't make a break a home. I know I was a "better" owner when I didn't have a yard although on a rainy Sunday morning, I really appreciate not having to get dressed to take the dogs out for a pee!


Milo and Michael (and before them Pippa and Benson (Might Mouse) definitely agree that apartment living is pretty good.

However, Milo feels a bit deprived in that he does not have a nice fenced back yard where he can chase birds.

However, the birds are glad.


hi carol i pmed you thru brindleweb as your emails kept getting returned; can you check your pm box? need some guidence here.