Rescue Journal

romeo passed today

Carol  ·  Jul. 29, 2007

he died in julie's arms while we were waiting for the vet to call back. same cause of death as his sister, wee hopeful bug, the bowel just eventually eroded thru. hope died at 4, romeo at 5, neither should have survived infancy. i do wish they both could have had a normal life tho.

tom is not great again, he did well til he had his lunch and has been periodically vomitting since, i think we will have to try him on small frequent meals, but the bottom line, he is not with us for much longer.

we had some great help and visitors today, it was a good day in that sense.

3 new animals came in...all unintentionally severely neglected by their not well senior lady, saints welcomes 18 yr old ruby, she looks to have a bone cancer with a pathological fracture in her hind leg. 16 year old molly, breed unknown as she is so hairless and scarred up from a brutal, long standing flea allergy. and a sweet little 11 yr old torte, named cinamon who still won't come out of her crate in the bathroom yet. the dogs are wrapped in warm fleeces, on soft,clean beds, the cat is comfortable if somewhat perplexed in the bathroom. and we will see how they all do.

welcome guys, as always we will do our best, i hope it is good enough for you all to be at peace. thank you to NWAC staff for saving them.

max had a really nice couple come out and meet him today. i just got the call that they are willing to spend the next few weeks coming out here a few times a week to help max work on some of his issues and hopefully develop a deep bond on both sides with the ultimate goal of taking him home as their forever friend.

boy max, you are one lucky dog to have so many people stepping outside the box to help you thru this difficult time. deb from VAS was out here today too and spent some time with him, taking food and chewies out of his mouth, playing with him and just helping him remember that mostly, people are trustworthy and kind.



Romeo was a sweet beautiful boy, he would always chirp for me. He would put his little paws on my lap, look up at me with those amazing blue eyes and say "Love Me!" I do love you Romeo, and I will miss you.


I'm so sorry Carol, it's been a rough last few weeks. Rest Peacefully Romeo, you will missed and you will be remembered with love.