Rescue Journal

jesse will be euth'd tomorrow,

Carol  ·  Jul. 31, 2007

she feels quite well lately. her eyes are bright and alert. she is interested in her surroundings, affectionate and interactive with her human friends and her appetite is good. so why am i euth'ing her? because sam was here to groom and clip nails. i asked her to shave the matted sides of panda and jesse cuz they can't groom anymore and brushing and pulling on their hair upsets them. so while panda was getting shaved, and loving every minute of it, purring and rubbing and drooling away...i held jess on my lap and started pulling at some of her tufts of hair. and it just started to peel away, right to the skin. i said to sam, what the heck is this, i have never seen anything like it and as sam bent close to look, i gently pulled a bit more and her entire layers of skin starting pulling away too. jesse didn't even feel it, i could see her fat tissue under all the skin. i was horrified. jess is a long term diabetic, she is a chronic severe URI cat and she has been on continual multiple antibiotics for the past 3 years. her skin is dying, all of it. soon she is going to start to rot and there is nothing we can do because she is immune to everything except the chloropalm and she has been on daily chloropalm for months. i knew it would eventually trash her liver but it was worth it to keep her feeling relatively well. tomorrow when i euth her, she is going to look at me and say, "what the heck are you doing, it is not my time yet, i feel pretty good." and that is so going to suck. i am sorry jess, i have to, this is really bad.

spritely's leg is bad today too...more swollen than it has been in months. i doubled her meds and started her on patrelli's magic herbs and fingers crossed that the swelling goes down really soon.



please give Jesse a kiss for me, tell her I love her. She will join her brothers and sisters soon. They will help her understand.