Rescue Journal

ok...pigs, dogs, sheep and llama's are smarter than cows or horses

Carol  ·  Aug. 2, 2007

ever since swinger fell, i have been freaked out. gideon and spritely have slipped on that cement too, but they haven't actually fallen. so i have been thinking and looking and today i found what i wanted. a thick roll of varigated rubber runner. i bought 30 feet so i could run the entire length side by side. it is non slip, it is grey, the same color as the cement. i installed it tonight. the dogs helped and thought it was quite nice to lay on.

in came the pig and the sheep and the llama, they trotted over it and into their areas like always, dinner was being served. in came percy, and "OH MY GAWD WHAT DID YOU DO TO THE FLOOR!!!!"

he snorted and he sniffed and he gave a good cow kick into the thin air and kind of hopped over it the best he could to get to his food.

the horses were a different matter altogether. they came to a dead stop at the door...sniff, snort, snort, whinny....."quick run away!" circle, circle, sniff, snort..."watch out it might be alive!"

you would think that i dug a chasm in the middle of the barn or loaded the aisle with rattlesnakes.

"Hello guys??? I am standing right here, safe and sound...i am not sinking, or falling or being eaten alive"

snort, snort, shake the heads and back away slowly.

"oh for chrissakes you weenies!"

finally, gideon, who obviously is not as blind as i thought, walked into his stall. spritely followed after a few more protests. swinger took some further convincing, then balked at the stall door, twisted the mat into a lump, tore it and then bounded in thru his door.

so that was a waste of a hundred bucks and an hour of my time. plan B...costco has those really big and thick rubber matts with all the holes...i will try to get over there and get some of those. maybe they will like black better.

sigh...i am probably not much brighter than the barn guys.



So true so true...Bo the llama could care less about walking over a hay string on the ground but the horses were like OMG its a horse eating snake.....