Rescue Journal

belly fat

Carol  ·  Aug. 5, 2007

so it was a pretty stressful found spritely in acute distress this morning....not only had her leg blown up right into the groin and hip but she looked like she was starting to colic. the vet came on an emergency visit and shot her full of pain meds, antibiotics and diuretics. she still doesn't look great tonight and her belly is still way too hard and rounded. i gave her extra bran, and please spritely have a huge poop tonight. i gave her the rest of her oral and injectible meds and left the light on in the barn so i can check thru out the night without getting chased out the door by a couple of surprized, light blinded rats.

it has been a hugely stressful month with the loss of 6 of our animals, the adjustments of 9 new animals plus the usual assortment of crises with many of the others.

and what does belly fat have to do this all of this??? apparently alot. i made the mistake of stepping on the scale at work today and just about had a fit. there is a reason i have not gone near one in more than 2 years.

so i hike myself off to save-on-foods on my break and buy a bunch of crappy, healthy, vegie diet food. and i did some reading while i was in there. according to one thing i read, there is a direct link between stress and belly fat. stress causes increased cortisol and increased cortisol causes belly fat.

well all you got to do is look at my belly to see that i am stressed to the max. not to worry tho, there is a pill you can take to reduce your stress and your cortisol and apparently your belly fat too. i looked at the ingredients, mostly vitamin supplements and a bunch of herbal fungi crap...very similar to what patrelli gives me for these guys. so.... i bought some, one au natural pill that fixes my two biggest problems.

i am so looking forward to less stress and a firmer belly. i am hoping this pill works really quick.



I have a magnet on my fridge that says"I'm really a perfect size 8.. I just keep it covered up with fat so it won't get scratched."


Me, too. --These things never work. But I'm waiting for the day that lightning strikes.


Let me know if it works. I'm always game for losing some extra belly fat.