Rescue Journal

don't let cinamon in the bedroom in the night

Carol  ·  Aug. 5, 2007

i don't think that poor senior lady was just too old and sick to care for these guys anymore, i think cinamon tormented til she just couldn't.

i was trying to sleep. i went to bed before 10 pm because i was exhausted (and that NEVER happens) and that cat started. first one foot hits the mattress, thunk...claws extend and grab. then the other foot thunks and grabs. then she slowly pulls herself up til she has you. she rubs her teeth against your face and then licks you really quick so you think she is maybe just roughly being friendly (but soon you realize, she is taste-testing you). the rubbing gets harder, the nipping gets firmer. you try ignoring her, turning away and burying your face under the pillow....she digs you out with her claws. finally in give her the accidental fake shoulder check..."ooops, sorry, didn't mean to knock you off the bed." she should be offended and leave. but no...first one foot hits the mattress, thunk, then the claws extend and catch, next the other thunk, claws grab and, and, shit!... slowly she pulls herself back up. it is like something from a scary movie. i did finally fall asleep, but she woke me up multiple times when she bit my nose, my elbow and my thumb. i finally got up and put her in the sick cat room that no longer has any sick cats but does currently hold a tiny, frail, skinny senior torte who likes to bug you to death in the dark of the night.



And possibly my Charlie too. He gets the zoomies in the middle of the night. Right overtop of me, my husband ,and now King. No one is safe in the dark of the night! Nothing like being woken up by a flying cat.


I think Cinnamon might be related to Jenny Two!.......................................