Rescue Journal

edna is dead

Carol  ·  Aug. 6, 2007

i was with a professional pest control person, discussing options for the rodents that have invaded the barn and chicken area and maude barged in behind us, thru the chicken house and out into the coop. she had edna before i could grab her. edna died while i was setting up a cage to get her to the vets. the other chickens are upset and had surrounded her while i was gone to the garage to find a cage. i am so sorry edna, i can't believe i let this happen.



I'm so sorry this happened, Carol - for you and for Edna. I remember the day I picked Edna up - a funny naked little chicken who talked incessantly. Surprisingly, she accepted Hank, the bully of the chicken coop, as a best buddy to roost with, and when Hank was adopted I swear she sobbed as she watched him leave! But before long, she was taking up with Jerome. From a naked little chicken to a beautiful, beautiful bird with a distinct personality and friendly demeanor.....Saints gave her the opportunity to live life as it should be lived. Thank you for that.

Chris T

Carol - you can't control everything. As Deb said please don't beat yourself up over this incident. Take care Carol.


Telling you that this wasn't your fault won't make you feel any less responsible, I know, but you cannot anticipate every move, at every moment, of every animal in your care, Carol. Edna is the victim of Maude's instinct and speed. You gave her a life that all chickens should have, but it was especially sweet for Edna, who came from such hellish conditions.
That Edna died in such a way is tragic, but it was fast, fortunately. There really is no good spin on this one, Carol, but please don't beat yourself up. You always do the very best you can, and that's all you can do.
Rest in peace, Edna. Be at peace, Carol.


I'm so sorry Carol. Rest in peace sweet Edna, please watch down over Carol cause she loves you and will need your help to get over this.