Rescue Journal

Little Naked Edna

Nicole  ·  Aug. 7, 2007

So i thought i'd write a little about Edna, because if you never got to meet her you were missing out. As for as chickens go, she was the shit. Really. Now I know like Carol said most people will think she was just a chicken and that who in their right mind is sad that a chicken died (especially considering the millions that die every year a much worse death and have an entire crappy life), but I will be the crazy lady (just for now) and write about her.
When she came to saints she was the naked little bird below. She was found in coquitlam in a housing area, so not really sure how she got there and why she was naked, but she was coming to saints.


I really liked her because she was the first chicken that would actually let you near her and you could pick her up and she would eat out of your palm and she enjoyed pecking at your hands if you had rings on.
Carol first put her in with the 'flock' thinking they'd take to her and be nice as the other option was Hank who was often called words not suitable for the blog because of his dislike for humans (or atleast Carol). Well the 'flock' wasn't nice to the naked little bird so Carol put her in with Hank. And it worked out, she grew all her feathers back in and Hank actually behaved.

This is my favourite photo of her when she first came. I think because it shows a little naked chicken with confidence.

When you would open the door to the coop Edna would run over to it. I liked to tell myself she was running to see me, but I'm pretty sure she wanted out. Hank found a home of his own and little miss Edna (no longer naked) had to rejoin the flock. Not sure if they were impressed by her ability to subdue Hank, but they accepted her this time and I am sure that they are sad she is gone (yes I am aware of the anthropomorphism, but screw it).
I am sad to say that I had only gone in there once in the last month, mostly because there is nowhere to sit cause they crap everywhere. So once again the animals at SAINTS in their lives and in their deaths have taught me to live for today and appreciated things today and not put stuff off as sometimes there isn't a tomorrow. I've been trying to sit down with Michael everytime I'm out at saints, because I know he won't be around much longer and I don't want to say once he is passed that I should have spent more time with him (like I am doing with Edna).
So sweet little Edna, rest in peace, I am so happy you came to saints.



She was a total blast... she'd run along the fence line clucking away & follow me as I pushed the wheelbarrow to the poop pile... I'll miss our conversations thru the fence & I'll miss her lots. RIP little Edna.


she was running to see you nicole. even when she ran out the gate, she always hung around and let me pick her up to bring her back in. she liked humans alot.