Rescue Journal

some of the good things that i am grateful for....

Carol  ·  Aug. 7, 2007

percy's voice changed tonight...he has developed his full, deep throttle adult, it echo's.

tom once again felt well enough to fly full speed off the couch and then bounced off the coffee table to grab a second lunch, i really have to get that dog a blue leotard and a red cape.

i switched michael back to the melixacam from the tramadol and he is moving much, much better. the melixacam makes his lining of his bladder bleed but that doesn't hurt and his joints do. the tramadol is strictly for pain but the melixacam has both pain control and antinflammatory properties. i think i will periodically try switching him back and forth and see if we can keep the bleeding to a minimum and his pain control to a maximum.

spritely's leg looks marginally better tonight, apparently cantering around was in fact good for it. who'd have thought?

remy has forgiven me for my lack of respect in grabbing his collar. i noticed tonight he was quieter and less demanding and looking a bit worried. could he possibly think i might care that he bit me? anyway...i gave him a kiss and rough upped his face and he started smiling and being a pain again.

molly is back to her sweet and gentle self. apparently vets bring out the devil in her.

my daughter cancelled our "hairspray" movie date tonight...such perfect timing on her part, she prempted my calling her!

max continues to move forward in leaps and bounds with his mom-to-be's committed attention. he is pretty much just a really nice and normal dog now. the plan is for him to go home at the end of the month as they are going away before then. he will be back for a weekend in mid sept. cuz i don't want him going into a kennel yet.

and the best news of all is little callie has moved into her permanent home today. yay callie, yay sheila and leila and thank you guardians of a little frightened puppy's soul.



Nicole when Dave and I were out at SAINTS last week he also fell for Wesley / Rock star thinking he was just so handsome and Wesley did his best cuddle to him like no tomorrow with his big head pressed up to him saying am I not perfect. I tried to tell hubby that Wesley has a bit of moronic issues but he didn't believe me. Then he met Max whom he declared drop dead gorgeous and when Carol explained that Max and Wesley can't be together I could see the wheels going in Dave's head. Sigh he says now I understand why Wesley is a SAINT as he isn't quite perfect just like us humans.

I am so in love with Stripe ..she calls to me. I asked my Tortie Amber how she would like a kitty friend. After she quit levitating off the ground and howling I assured her not to worry..I could never put a sweet little 21 year old Stripe throught that!!!

PS thanks Mo and Carol for the visit. It was great.


lol...he is so lucky you love and protect him from slurs. i swear to god he just beams on the days you have been here.


wesley rockstar is a dork...max was not neutered when rocky first smelled his butt...he is therefore forever unneutered, if not in reality, at least in rocky's pea sized brain which can't conceive that we have in fact neutered max since that fateful day. the problem of course is that rocky/wesley doesn't stop to sniff you-know- where again to double check his assumptions.... he just leaps for max's neck without any need for confirmation to ensure his assumptions are correct.
hah..wesley rockstar is just like alot of humans!


Okay, all those phantom forward slashes are annoying! Anyone know how to kill them? Chris tried twice, but they keep reappearing.


Max's mom is a lucky lady, she is getting a beautiful boy. To think that Maxwell-Not-So-Smart was closerthanthis to an unfair and undeserved fate makes my skin crawl. SAINTS has brought out the real Max who was hidden in a meltdown weakened exterior.
The first time he made eye contact with you, Carol, I knew he would ultimately be fine. I just thought it might take longer.
Now if only Wesley will deign to allow Max to share his rarified air for a few more weeks, all will be well. I'll bring Wes a big steak if he'll just ignore the fact that Max is still there until Max is no longer there.
This is a Cinderfella story for my Max. Thank you for being his Fairy Dogmother, Carol. :)