Rescue Journal

it will be a good morning cuz i want it to be.

Carol  ·  Aug. 8, 2007

eva is sick today, thank gawd i am on a day off...i truly hate the days that i have to work, plus do the whole shelter and barn too. those days are simply brutal.

it is becoming critical to get something more permanent built for ben. he went over his pen again last one was outside, he just was ready to come in to bed and thought he would knock on the door to remind me to let him in...he really is quite a clever boy. greg is still busy working so i called steve...he said on friday he could squeeze it in. i better check what materials we have here today and get to the building store to pick up whatever we are short too. plus we will need more feed to last til my next days off so i better do that too. yay carol that i did the dump run yesterday!

lady jane and lily need baths today too, someone didn't feel well last night and puked and had loose diarrhea and those two somehow got it on them. since all this gross stuff happened on my bed and i slept right thru it, i am eternally grateful that the sick party (whoever that is) had the consideration to do it on the far side of the bed and far away from me. sigh, but the bed needs stripping again and that wall need washing.

have i said lately that these animals are a helluvalotta work?

which i suppose i better start doing. have a good one everyone, the sun is shining and the dogs are wanting their run.



Hope it's a good one for you as well Carol, and all the angels at Saints.