Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 12, 2007

i didn't notice the laundry room window was open last night, someone pushed out the screen...the three fruitloops are still in so it wasn't them and i can't see anyone else who is missing, and it is the fruitloops that i worry most about cuz all of them revert to feral when they get freaked. i am going to have to do something about the windows because of all the people in and out of here. i can't permanently screw them shut because of risk of fire, and i can't put up wire on the outside that the cats can't push out or rip like the screens for the same reason.

normal homes with normal people can have windows that open and close as you need, but not here.

it's problem to be solved tho before someone gets lost.

and that is my morning puzzle to figure out as i drive in to work.



My husband made screens that cover the entire window (not just the part that opens) and hinged them to the inside of the window frame. They would easily rip or push out (from outside) if need be, but also block the sill so that the cats can't get up there to damage the screens or try and escape. Ours open inwards, towards the room. Yes, they are huge, but they work well.
It's just an idea :)


Do you have regular venetian window blinds on the windows? I find if they're in the down position & wedged against the windows with a couple old textbooks, then they're much harder to pull back - but I have an old unmotivated cat so maybe it's different for you. You can still use the tilt features but just don't ever pull them up. If you get metal ones, there's the additional noise alarm: if a critter tries to sneak behind them they make a hell of a noise.

Otherwise, all the ideas I have end up blocking light....

-baby gates (oh, SO attractive on a window)

-california shutters